About MyIP.info

This website is dedicated to showing you detailed information about the electronic device you use to access the web. This can be useful in many situations when you want to know more about what type of information is revealed of your activites on-line. It is also a good place to check how well you are anonymized, when that is something you are trying to achieve.

One of the main reasons for accessing a website like MyIP.info is because our service is a remote system from you, just like many other services you use on-line. Therefor, most of what we are able to see, and reflect back to you, will be the same most other on-line services will see.

This makes MyIP.info a good source to know what type of information other places you visit on the web may collect about you. For example, based on your IP address we can determine, with a fair accuracty, your location. And based on the user-agent data passed by your browser we can determine, with fair accuracty, your computer device, platform, operating system and browser type.